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What are printables/digital downloads?

Printables are documents you can download and print yourself. Printables include downloadable planners, journals, stickers, art prints, coloring pages, and much more. A benefit to digital printables is that once purchased you can instantly download and print at home or your local print shop. 


The printables for sale on this website are password protected. Editing, altering, manipulating, changing, or recreating my printables is against copyright. 

Please note that most mobile devices such as phones and ipads, do not allow for downloading through a link.

Some of my products are sent using a compressed ZIP file.

How to unzip a ZIP file?


Save the ZIP file to your computer, right-click and select, "Extract All." This will create a new file on your computer in which you can open. Then, add the file to iCloud or Dropbox to get the files on your mobile device. On rare occasions, apps on your browser may make things a little wonky during downloading. If this occurs, please try using a different browser.


These products are set to not download on mobile devices but if it works for you, before you download the ZIP file directly to your mobile device, you may need a free app to unzip the product (a good, free one is FileExplorer Free). This will allow you to unzip the folder to access it. Another solution available on some mobile devices is to long hold the zipped file icon and then click, "Extract."

How to print?

1. Print from home
2. Take your file to a local print store- like Staples, FedEx Kinkos or Office Max (You can email or save to a flash drive)
3. Upload your files to an online shop - like or

License Rights

Personal Use only. I retain all rights, license, copyright, title, and ownership of the products. 

You may NOT distribute, edit, copy, or otherwise alter these PDF's and printables nor give to others, including reselling, relicensing, redistributing, giving for free, or as part of a giveaway. 

Can I share the digital files?

No, these digital files cannot be shared. If you love the product please share my website so your friends can make a purchase.


Please respect my copyright and understand ALL PRINTABLES ARE FOR PERSONAL (NON-COMMERCIAL) USE ONLY and MAY NOT be resold, redistributed or used in promotion for any purpose.

Do you offer Tech help?

Due to technology being vastly different from one another, I am unable to provide any technical help at this time.

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