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This is an Instagram template bundle of 31 templates made with Canva. You can use these templates to create elegant Instagram posts and stories for your business or personal accounts. Market your business, website, or Etsy shop with these Instagram post templates. They are perfect to boost engagement and help your branding! The templates are fully customizable. Change the fonts, text, images, and even the layouts in minutes.


  • 21 IG post templates (1080x1080)

  • 10 IG Stories templates (1920x1080)

  • All Layer Editable

  • All fonts Editable

  • Easily change images

  • Fully editable colors

© 2020 Kayla Chew Enterprises LLC. . All rights reserved. Templates MAY NOT be resold, or redistributed.


  • Make sure you already have a Canva account. IT'S FREE! This template works for both free and pro Canva user

  • Adobe Reader (click here to download if you don’t have it, it’s free) to open the PDF document that includes the link to this media kit Canva template.

  • Download the PDF, and open the link to that directs you to the template you want to use

  • Place your image and text

  • After all, is set, save the template as JPG

  • WARNING: We use free icons on the templates, but it's often CANVA Updates their system that makes the users have to switch to CANVA pro or pay the icons that used to be free. So please let us know if you experience such issue.


  • Make sure your mobile & desktop device is compatible & up to date. We Suggest you use canva mobile browser or desktop browser rather than canva mobile app to avoid errors.


Due to the digital nature of this product, you will not receive a physical item. After purchase, you will receive a download link to a PDF which will contain the Canva template link.


Please open all purchased products (by clicking the templates links) as soon as possible, and save a copy in your Canva account.

Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales made are final. There will be no refunds or exchange of items once a purchase is complete.

All products are sold to individuals. The license to the template is given to the buyer only. See license details below.

Note that the design is copyrighted to Kayla Chew – the owner of this shop, and the designer/creator of all products available in this shop.


You may use this template for personal use or commercial use. Each purchase grants ONE license to you – the buyer – only. See usage details and restrictions below:

  • Under this license, you may use this template to create end-products ONLY. 

  • You may NOT redistribute or resell this product or modified version of this product in its editable template format.

  • You may not bundle the Instagram Post Template with other products or share the templates in any other way, including claiming them as your own or offering them for free or for sale online.

  • Personal Use: Under this license, you may create an unlimited number of end products using this template, for your personal use.

  • Commercial Use: Under the license, you may create ONLY ONE commercial end-product, and for sales up to 5000 copies of that end-product. If you need to create multiple products for yourself or for clients for commercial use, and/or you’ll be selling more than 5000 copies of each end-product, then please purchase another license of the product.


Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales made are final. There will be no refunds or exchange of items once a purchase is complete. I take pride in my customer service and will work to resolve any issues we may have.


No, these TEMPLATES CANNOT be shared. If you love the product please share my website so your friends can make a purchase.


Please note that these templates are being sold by KAYLA CHEW ENTERPRISES LLC. The sale of these templates is not affiliated with Canva. Canva is not liable for these templates. If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact  INFO@KAYSUPASAIYAN.COM.

You are purchasing the template only. As a Canva user you may use these elements, including the images and fonts. If there is a premium element, image or font in the template, you can use them as a pro member, or change the element (or image or font) with a free element (or image or font).

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