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January just began and yet it's already over. It's seems as if the last few years have flown by. A reminder to myself to always stay vigilant. Being vigilant to me means focusing on the now, and constantly being aware of your surroundings, thoughts, perception, and actions. It's choosing to forever live consciously. Our mind is always moving whether we are controlling it or not. The mind is everything. Perception is everything. Your thoughts are everything and sometimes your thoughts are nothing but a figment made from your subconscious and your subconscious is what you program. I know the last few months of 2016 I've had to re-train my my mind and habits and I'm still a work in progress. Sometimes you don't notice how you've let a person affect your energy until it's already tainted. The key to growing in a positive way is awareness, staying vigilant, being able to take a look and not dwell on the past but learn from it.

The Universe functions by giving. You get what you give! Sometimes it's hard to wrap your head around that notion. At times we may feel that we are giving it our all, and receiving nothing in return but are we really? It's not just about giving physically, it's also about giving spiritually, and mentally. A simple negative thought can taint anything. It's my goal to spread positivity and inspire in whatever way that I can. To be that light in every room that I walk in. It's not the easiest some days I wake up and I'm ready to tackle the world and sometimes I just want to tackle somebody lol. All in all the goal is to treat people better than you want them to treat you. It's not enough to just do it, you have to believe it as well or you'll find yourself falling short most of the days.

Gentle Reminder: Sometimes God gives us what we prayed for, but we don't receive it because we CHOOSE not to believe it.

Stay Vigilant! Know the difference between your thoughts and your perception. We often paint the wrong picture in our minds. No one should have to prove anything to anyone who's attached to believing something that is wrong. It's not anyone's job to change how we perceive things its our own.

Ps. I know my writing isn't the best, but bare with me I'm a work in progress.

It's a pleasure to meet you! I am a Mother, Photographer, and Artist. I decided to create this blog to share educational resources, tips, and to help others in business, and at home, stay organized, focused, and be intentional with their lives.

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© Kayla Chew
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