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toddler pre-writing

Whenever I am writing my 2 year old son LOVES to write with me or take over what I am working on! Giving my son several pieces of paper and a marker or crayon keeps him busy and it allows me to get work done. I love the fact that he loves to learn and I've never had to force anything upon him. I keep books, paper and crayons around for him to pick up whenever he likes. I'll leave it up to your better judgement as parents to leave crayons around! lol. It works for us, we've only had one incident where he wrote on my mirror.

toddler writing skills

Help your child develop their pre-writing and fine motor skills with My tracing templates. Tracing lines reinforces fine motor skills in your child and prepares them for writing. Pre-Writing skills are needed before any letter formation or other handwriting skills are mastered. It's amazing to see your child progress from scribbles to letters and shapes!

I made these printable's to help him learn the basics. These pages are free so print them out and enjoy!

The printable's are simple designs, it's best to allow your child to learn at their own pace.


pre-writing templates

What's included:

Developmental Strokes

Tracing Lines

Tracing Circles

Extra: Tracing Triangles (Triangles are the last to develop)

I hope you ENJOY! Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

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