I captured images of Arian Simone founder and CEO of Fearless Magazine while she spoke and visited Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park Ca. Arian gave a talk to kick off the Black Female Entrepreneur Series with Facebook and it was inspiring!

On my 3hr drive back to Sacramento I reflected on life, how far I've come, how far I will go, and being fearless. Being fearless to me is choosing to act even when you are scared. It's being resilient and having the strength to stand tall even when everything is going against you. It's allowing your pain to lead to gains and growing through any situation.

So when I noticed the question, "What would you do if you weren't afraid?" at FB HQ my mind started going to so many places. I thought to myself, am I afraid? If so, what exactly am I afraid of? Am I doing all that I want or all that I can? Am I being fearless in all aspects of my life?

Since, 14 years old I've practically been taking care of myself. I've slept in cars, on couches, floors, and in a homeless shelter. Since, 18 I was maintaining my own household, working, and going to school. I've accomplished and grown through so much; however, after listening to Ms. Arian Simone I realized I'm still holding myself back. I am fearless, but if I'm being honest with myself I'm not in all aspects of my life. Because of my life's experiences, I often spend way too much time analyzing risk. Thinking about what may go wrong; instead, of focusing on what could go right. I've been holding myself back worrying about what I may lose instead of focusing on what I can gain. I have to learn how to just do, be free without over thinking or doubting myself and work.