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Our fathers are often underappreciated, but they set the foundation for our families. I want to personally thank you all for all that you do! Thank you for sharing your love, strength, and for solely being you. Sometimes it may feel as if your actions go unnoticed. Understand every hug you give, every moment you share, every moment you listen patiently, plays an impactful role in our lives. Step dads, mentors, or coaches you all are important to the lives around you. I'm thankful for all the loving man in my life. Because of them, not only will my son have his Father to teach him but a community of shoulders to lift him up. Fathers, I know at times you're expected to keep it all together, but please don't forget your self-care is important too. Self-care is one of the best things you could do for your children and family. Without a healthy you it is very difficult to be your best at work and at home. Remember to set aside the time and intention to be not only the giver but the receiver of loving self-care. You know what they say, you can't pour from an empty cup! Make sure to fill yourself up so that you can also pour love into the lives around you. Let's take the time to honor all the incredible fathers and father figures this Sunday. Let's take the time to encourage the man around us to foster their self care. Fathers, I appreciate you and I hope you feel loved on your special day!

With love- Kayla Chew

It's a pleasure to meet you! I am a Mother, Photographer, and Artist. I decided to create this blog to share educational resources, tips, and to help others in business, and at home, stay organized, focused, and be intentional with their lives.

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