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I had the opportunity to capture photos of Arian Simone's 2018 Fearless Conference sponsored by Facebook, Mielle Organics and many more! The conference took place at the W Hotel in Los Angeles which is beautiful! It was a two-day conference inspiring women to live fulfilled, confident, bold lives while making a positive impact on the world!

Attendees experienced two days of action packed enrichment, took part in informative workshops, and engaged in legendary fearless discussions- transparent conversation about real topics affecting today’s society & pop culture. Make sure to grab your tickets for next year before they are sold out! Tickets can be bought at !

To follow along with the event pictures, check out the hashtag #fearlessconference

I drove to LA with my assistant for the day Kadija Phillips. We arrived in L.A around noon on Friday and met up with Arian Simone to capture a few images for her website before the start of Friday's event. It was a long weekend! I didn't know how everything would go but everything worked out great. After standing on my feet running around all day I left feeling inspired and motivated. Kadija and I weren't able to spend a lot of time roaming LA; However, we had a mini photo-shoot on our way home.

Below are a few pictures from the conference.

Arian Simone CEO of Fearless Magazine

It's a pleasure to meet you! I am a Mother, Photographer, and Artist. I decided to create this blog to share educational resources, tips, and to help others in business, and at home, stay organized, focused, and be intentional with their lives.

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