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My first illustrated book written by Kadija Phillips is now available for Purchase!

The K.Angel series was created to honor the author (Kadija Phillips) sister Officer Kaliah Harper who lost her life in a domestic violence incident in 2006. K. Angel "Careers" is the first book in the K. Angel series. In Careers Officer K. Angel visits her young friends in the community to teach them about different careers. Along with common laws to share with others.

On July 7th we celebrated the launch of K.Angel Careers at the Richmond Marina. It was a beautiful event and amazing turnout. Within an hour all of the books sold out. At the event we signed books, there was a book reading by author Kadija Phillips, African dance, football with the SF Fire Department and much more. Check out a few photos from the event below.

Visit for more information and to purchase a book!

Illustrator (Kayla Chew) and Author (Kadija Phillips)

The City of Richmond Crime Prevention

Photo Credit : Richmond Police Department FB

Kids Zone

Kaliahs Heart Foundation

JJ’s Hello Foundation

Kayla Chew's son at K. Angel Day

Kayla Chew at K. Angel Day

African dance at K.Angel day

Richmond Crime prevention booth

San Francisco Fire Fighters

Get your copy of K.Angel Careers at HERE!

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