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The perfect end to our day is cuddling up with a book and reading together. My son will bring me book after book, we'll get comfy on the couch and get lost into adventure. Reading with your child gives you quality time together and is important for their development. We go to the library weekly and come home with a bag full of books. This week Ashur and I picked up a few books about nature, boundaries, and consent.

Ashur's Favorite Library Pick ups

In this book the adorable little bunny get's hurt but is able to get better with the help of the readers. Poor little Rabbit is a great book to show toddlers how to put empathy into action and learn about caring. Out of all the books we picked up this was Ashur's favorite. He really cared about the rabbit and enjoyed helping him feel better.

This book follows a mother and son as they canoe on the pond. It's an awesome children's book that teaches about the environment and the pond life ecosystem. It is very well written and I learned a lot of new things . We played I spy while reading this book. Ashur loved discovering new animals and pointing out the animals he already knew. In the back of the book their is a glossary for the animals that live in, near, and around the mountain pond.

Will Ladybug Hug is a cute and fun book to help your toddler learn about consent. Ashur is a big hugger. Though sometimes he doesn't like to hug everyone and not everyone likes to hug. I never make him hug anyone if he doesn't want to. I love this book because it easily explains that not everyone wants a hug, but they'll give you a high five or a hand shake and that's just as good.

Below are a few other books we picked up from the library



There’s no wrong way to read together as long as you’re both enjoying it. Get animated, play games, use your imagination and just have fun.


Ask about what’s happening in the story or what’s on the page. Make sure to take time to listen to your toddler's answers. Encourage your toddler to tell you what he or she thinks. Allow them to make mistakes and don't worry if they add things into the story.


Follow their lead, and allow them to choose the books they'd like to read.


Allow them to explain what they see.

What are some of your favorite books to read with your toddler?

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